Friday, March 09, 2012

Elemental Truths a Must See!

Well I am off for a week of rest and relaxation despite all of the stuff I need to do for my numerous jobs and obligations.  If I could stay home for a week I would visit the new show at the Maclaren Art Gallery, which includes a salon style show for the Benefactor's and cool installations by a collective out of Toronto.  If you missed the opening of my new show at Marlow Gallery on Dunlop street, then be sure to pop down around the corner of Mulcaster before you leave the vicinity of the Maclaren.  I would also suggest you take a nice drive to see Elemental Truths, a small group show at the Mad and Noisy that features amazing jewellery, furniture, paintings, printmaking, encaustics and photography.  After a great lunch in Creemore, pop north up to Collingwood to the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts to check out the amazing show entitled the Reclaimers, curated by our very own Kaz Jones.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Process-ed opens at Marlow this Thursday

With only a sleep to recover after the Artist Project I have been frantically working to finish my new series of figurative works, which playfully layer the machines that have replaced us in the home.  Between photo transferring text and pouring resin, my day has been more than a little bit stressful.  Some cool tricks include using a stiff business card to spread the resin and using pizza boxes or other flat packing boxes to keep the dust off the pieces while they cure.  I also went shopping today for some cool retro fabrics that I will use to cover my stretchers that the pieces will be mounted on.  Things still to do include finding an affordable and safe lighting method, pouring resin on 8 more pieces, mounting my work to the frames, and finishing a giant canvas collage for the front window of Marlow.  Do you think I can do it?  Come out Thursday night and see what makes it onto the wall. 

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Artist Project comes to an end.

Well, although I had an amazing weekend meeting some fantastic artists and gallery goers, I am glad it is over.  Things I came away with were some amazing connections to other creators, many new contacts for promoting my work, big art fair experience, a new gallery in Toronto, and some publications interested in doing articles on my work. 

Here's some advice I would give to artists who want to do a big art fair for the first time. 

1.  Do not get a big booth unless you have a big budget and a steady clientele who will follow you to the show.  Start small so the financial risks do not ruin your weekend.
2.  Helpers on move in and move out day are a must, however during the rest of the show you will probably be able to handle anything that comes your way as the other artists are all amazing at helping to cover you if you need to take a wee break.
3.  Pack your own food and drink lots of water as it is important to keep up you energy and hydration during the long day without needing to leave your booth repeatedly.
4.  Great signage and promotional materials are a must.  I gave out more rackcards and business cards in four days than I have over the last two years.  My large sign helped to engrain my website into their minds as well.
5.  Don't count on sales as it takes time to build your presence in a new city / fair.  Simply present your work in a professional way and smile or talk to everyone you can to be memorable not only as an artist but also as a person.