Saturday, November 23, 2013

Universe Looking After "Me" while I Can't

It's been an interesting few months for me, now working full-time and unable to work at my practice or at Gallery 111 as much as I would like.  But somehow, things have a way of happening that still let you know your efforts don't go unnoticed.  I just received notice last week that I have been nominated by Sarah Uffelmann for the Contributions to the Community Arts Award for the City of Barrie.  And while I was way up in Midland hosting the opening of a wonderful new show of Ila Kellerman's work at Quest Art, somehow, my work was featured on CTV as part of the Maclaren's Annual Art Auction; an event I was sad to miss.  Check out the video to see my work featured first on the clip, and then watch to listen to Siobhan Byrne, an emerging photographer we are trying to get to show at Gallery 111.  Barrie art auction 'Off the Hook' | CTV Barrie News

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crafted Realities will be Unreal!

December 5th Gallery 111 will be hosting the work of Jesse Bromm along with some new mixed media textiles by myself.  I first saw Jesse's work at the Artist Project 2 years ago and again this summer at the Toronto Outdoor Show.  There is something extremely playful about his work, and yet layers of meaning come to the work when you spend time investigating his juxtaposition of materials.  What I didn't realize originally is that Jesse actually hand blows his own glass containers for his work.  It is this level of craftsmanship that I would like to bring to my own practice. I am really excited to see how his miniature vignettes will look beside my enlarged photos of embroidery hoops.