Saturday, December 01, 2012

Doors now open at Gallery 111.

The Gallery 111 would like to thank the news team at the Barrie Examiner for supporting our new enterprise.  Hitting the newspaper on a Saturday is always a bonus.  Now open for business, we are tweaking the space, windows, signage and administrative systems all in preparation for next Thursday's grand opening.  Read more about the collective at the link provided.  New gallery collective | Local | Entertainment | Barrie Examiner

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Only two more days til Holiday Shopping begins!

This weekend, an amazing selection of artists and artisans will be set up for an intimate holiday shopping experience at Lover's Creek Art Gallery on Cox Mill Road in Barrie, Ontario.  An Antique dealer will also be on site to help you find the perfect treasure for your collection.  I will have some work on display from my Global Landscape series which is currently hung beside an amazing work by Paul Shilling.  He hasn't even titled the work yet, so I think he should call it "Jill's Piece".  Just having sold my truck and being the closest I have ever been to being out of debt, I know my dear hubby would strangle me if I even look twice at Paul's new beauty!  Nicolee Miller is opening her home to the public both Saturday and Sunday from 10 til 6, but if you want an invite to our private event Friday night, send me an email and I will get you on the list so you can get first dibs on some amazing new work by Mark Hope, John Anderson, Pauline Bradshaw and Gavy Swan.  The Jazz musician and food is bound to be amazing too.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Artist Collective in Barrie

So here's the scoop, Gallery 111 is looking for 4 more core artists to join the collective. We need a combination of 2.5 sculptors and 1.5 two-dimensional artists. How can you have half of an artist you ask? Well, we have half memberships. This means you pay only half of a core membership, receiving either half of the floor or wall space as a full member. We are specifically looking for contemporary printmakers, photographers, ceramicists and other forms of sculpture. All members of the collective pay no commission and receive a percentage of all sales from commission based artists. A full member pays $220 per month (16 ft of wall) and a half member pays $110 per month (8 ft of wall). This is a 10 month sublease which limits your financial commitment unless the collective chooses to renew the lease. Core members are able to sublet their wall space to artists approved by the collective and each core member receives a feature show inbetween now and the end of September. To check out the amazing space you would be showing in, visit 111 Dunlop Street E.  If interested or have more questions, email me at jp@jillpricestudios Include your awesome website link so we can check out your work. You can also give me a call at 705-229-5211.  Want to be part of the Grand Opening on December 6th, then be sure to communicate your interest / link by Friday, November 30th.