Friday, March 09, 2012

Elemental Truths a Must See!

Well I am off for a week of rest and relaxation despite all of the stuff I need to do for my numerous jobs and obligations.  If I could stay home for a week I would visit the new show at the Maclaren Art Gallery, which includes a salon style show for the Benefactor's and cool installations by a collective out of Toronto.  If you missed the opening of my new show at Marlow Gallery on Dunlop street, then be sure to pop down around the corner of Mulcaster before you leave the vicinity of the Maclaren.  I would also suggest you take a nice drive to see Elemental Truths, a small group show at the Mad and Noisy that features amazing jewellery, furniture, paintings, printmaking, encaustics and photography.  After a great lunch in Creemore, pop north up to Collingwood to the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts to check out the amazing show entitled the Reclaimers, curated by our very own Kaz Jones.

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