Saturday, May 12, 2012

Art ce Soir II Wants You!

Barrie Galleries and Studios: Art ce Soir II Wants You!: Lakeshore Mews Galleries, Studios and Shops are starting to organize this year's Art Ce Soir for the 2012 Culture Days.  If you are an ar...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hubby gets creative in the garden!

Today I came home to a new garden in my backyard.  What a wonderful surprise to the end of my day.  While at the studio today I worked on yet another collaged canvas piece for my upcoming show at Claustro Gallery in Midland.  Gavy Swan also came for a visit today and worked away quietly on one of her fantastical fairy designs.  Tomorrow is bound to be a busy day with my morning being spent in Creemore and then back to the studio to start on a fourth large canvas collage.  I've also begun to krinkle together the paper bases of my farmer dolls using food flyers.  Now to find some farmer almanacs to create the outside shell of the dolls.  These pieces will be heading to the Double Door Gallery during the month of July along with paper works by Jenn Guerin, Alana Sproule and Lee Richmond in our first group show as the Paperdolls Collective.  Entitled "Unbound", this show will fufill my desires to work in 3D and work with shadows.  

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Jill Price heading to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition!

Well, despite the delay, we have finally heard back from the Toronto Outdoor Show and it would appear that I have made the cut.  I have been told that of all the shows, this is the one to do, due to the number of people that come to the event and the reasonable cost to do the show.  Of course this means that I really need to start kicking things into high gear so that I have enough work to deal with any sales that may happen and the fact that I am having a feature show down at Arts on Queen during the last two weeks of July.  I am currently exploring how to make my pixelated pieces more painterly as I really miss working with broad gestural strokes.  I am also in the midst of relinquishing the printmaking layer, but we'll see how my experiments go with drawing and some stitchery into the work.  For now I am working on the base of another figurative collage utilizing old scraps from previous paintings.  The problem with these pieces is knowing when to stop so that you don't completely obliterate the references to other works while still working into the piece to give it some depth and dynamism.  I hope to have 4 of these pieces ready for my show up at Claustro Gallery in June. to go!