Friday, April 13, 2012

Artist Project begins to PAY OFF

Rurbia: Barn, 2012, mixed media on canvas, $1200.00
As everyone knows, the Artist Project was not as profitable as I would've liked.  As I am all about immediate rewards, it was a very difficult weekend for me.  If it weren't for my new connection with Arts on Queen and some press coverage, it could've been a complete loss.  Funny enough, everyone said that it is the aftermath that is the most profitable.  Yesterday, I was contacted by another gallery in Toronto.  They have asked to have an appointment with me so they can get a closer look at my work.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barrie Art Gallery/Studio Network: New Gallery and Studio Network in the Works

Barrie Art Gallery/Studio Network: New Gallery and Studio Network in the Works: Hello all of you galleries and studios in the Barrie area.  We are about to collectively place an ad in the Toronto Art Map for the small p...

Lakeshore Mews: Hand Made Market Call for Vendors

Lakeshore Mews: Hand Made Market:  That's right, Lakeshore Mews is hosting Barrie's very first hand made market. We are looking for makers of all kinds to participate. F...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hanging Day Tomorrow at Marlow Gallery

Tomorrow will be busy day as I first need to head to Wasaga Beach to get a record check with the OPP and then come back to Barrie to start hanging a sequential series of mixed media and painterly landscapes which will serve as a timeline of my development as an artist.  Then I will need to head back to my own studio to figure out where to hang my remaining Process-ed works.  Don't forget that this weekend my series of Spring workshops begin.  Contact me if you are interested in any of my course outlines currently scheduled or for another time.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

My piece entitled Rurbia Marsh, just took 3rd place in @fineartamerica

Doing environmental work has it's challenge with regards to finding the right audience.  This juried competition on Fine Art America was obviously the right place to share my work.  And no entry fees to boot!!!!!!

Winners Announcement – Climate Change – @fineartamerica

Sales at Last!

I don't know if everyone else has been feeling the economic downturn as I have, but sales over the last year have been far and few between.  This has left me with a studio full of work and no motivation to make new work for upcoming shows.  My studio time lately has been more about cleaning and organizing the space as well as tinkering around with scraps of canvas and paper.  I have also been donating work all over the place to just get rid of stuff I don't want around anymore.  The fundraising exhibitions for STOP the Mega Quarry just received four of my works this week in hopes that they can make some money off of me clearing out some of my inventory!  Luckily, with only one day to go, two of my PROCESS-ED works sold at Marlow Gallery.  Suzanne Santin noted my lack of excitement over the phone.  I said "To be honest Suzanne, I am more relieved than excited".  I remember the good old days when I would sell nearly half of my show.  What is exciting is that I don't know these new collectors of my work on any level and so I am beginning to build my Barrie connections slowly but surely.  On another positive note, I will be showing up at Woodside Gallery in Craighurst during the Images Studio Tour this year.  I am looking forward to heading up there to check out the space and tour the area searching for inspiring rural imagery.