2013 The Art Exchange, “Processed” (London, Ontario)
2012 Bohemia Café, “Fabricated Landscapes” (Barrie, Ontario)
2012 Craighurst Gallery, "Sand People", (Craighurst, Ontario)

2012 Arts on Queen, “Fabricated Landscapes”, (Toronto, Ontario)
2012 Marlow Gallery, Process-ed, (Barrie, Ontario)
2012 Barrie Art Club, “Fabricated Landscapes II”, (Barrie, Ontario)
2011 Reflections Art Gallery, “Treed”, (Barrie, Ontario)
2011 Double Doors Gallery, “Fabricated Landscapes”, (Anten Mills, Ontario)
2011 Bliss Studios, “Treed", (Port Franks, Ont.)
2011 Museum London Art Rental Gallery,“Global Landscapes”, (London, Ontario)
2011 The Art Exchange, “Rural Transitions: London to Barrie and Back”, (London, Ontario)
2005 Public Mural (Mainstreet London), “Faces and Facades of the Forest City”, Lon., Ont.
2004 The Art Exchange, “An International Affair”, (London, Ont.)
2003 Bliss Studio “Cultural Landscapes", (Port Franks, Ont.)
2001 McIntosh Gallery (offsite location Galleries @ the Galleria), “Art Attack”, (London, Ont.)
1998 The Palace at 4 am “Concourse “A”, (London, Ont.)
1998 Ground Zero “Concourse “B”, (London, Ont.)
1997 The Palace at 4 am  “Love Me, Scratch Me, Feed Me”, (London, Ont.)
1996 Ground Zero “Blood Ties”, (London, Ont.)
1995 The Palace at 4am’s “Rituals” (London, Ont.)

Two or Three Person

2015 Double Door Gallery, Embedded Notations: Jill Price & Melissa Robertson
2015 Westland Gallery, Slip: Jenna Faye Powell & Jill Price2014 Double Door Gallery, The John Hartman Project2013 Gallery 111, Crafted Realities (Barrie, Ontario)2013 Bartlett Gallery, Tangled Realities (Barrie, Ontario)

2013 Gallery 111, Tangled Reality: Jill Price and Magdolene Dykstra (Barrie, Ontario)
2000 Forest City Gallery, THE BOD SQUAD “More than a Handful” (Lon, Ontario)

Small group

2012 Double Doors Gallery, “Unbound: Paperdolls Collective, (Anten MillsOntario)

Juried or Invitational

2014 Latcham Gallery Annual Juried Exhibition, (Stouffville, Ont) - Award Winner
2014 Campus Gallery, Faculty Show, Georgian College
2013 Queen Street West Art Crawl
2013 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2013 Gibson Centre, In the Dwellling House: Views of Domestic Farm Life (Alliston, Ontario)
2013 Double Doors Gallery, IX, (Anten Mills, Ontario)
2013 Westland Gallery Grand Opening, (London, Ontario)
2013 Sunnyside Art Fair, Toronto, Ontario
2013 Latcham Gallery Annual Juried Exhibition, (Stouffville, Ont) - Award Winner
2012 Bohemia Cafe, Unbound: Paperdolls Collective”, (Barrie, Ontario)
2012 Dam Gallery “Chroma”, (CaledonOntario)
2012 Barrie City Hall Rotunda, “Water Effects”, (BarrieOntario)
2012 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2012 The Artist Project 2012, (Toronto, Ontario)
2011 Barrie City Hall Rotunda, “The Watershed Project”, (Barrie, Ontario)
2011, 2012 Queen Street West Art Crawl, (Toronto, Ontario)
2011 Aurora Cultural Centre, “Art After Dark” (Aurora, Ontario)
2011 Alton Mills Gallery, “Time Frame” (Caledon, Ontario)
2011, 2012 Maclaren Art Gallery, “Benefactors Art Exchange Exhibit” (Barrie, Ontario)
2011 Images Studio Tour, (Barrie, Ontario)
2011, 2012 -Varley Art Gallery, Art for All (Unionville, Ontario)
2011 Gallery 1313, Eco, (Toronto, Ontario)
2011 Varley Art Gallery, Art Battle at the Varley, (Unionville, Ontario)
2010 Museum London, JASS London, (London, Ontario)
2010, 2011 London Timeraiser Event, (London, Ontario)
2006 The Art Exchange, “ First Annual Juried Miniature Show”, (London, Ontario)
2006 McIntosh Gallery, “In Good Company”, (London, Ontario)
2006 Open Air III: Art and Architecture, (London, Ontario)
2005 London Artists Studio Tour, (London, Ontario)
2005 Museum London (1 Dundas Street), You Are Here, (London, Ontario)
2005 McIntosh Gallery, “Future Collectives”, (London, Ontario)
2005 Museum London, “Art Mart”, (London, Ontario)
2005 Art in the Park, (Stratford, Ontario)
2002, 2003, 2004 Museum London, “Art Mart”, (London, Ontario)
2003 Bliss Studios, “Eclectic”, (Port Franks, Ontario)
2002 Gibson Gallery, “Miniature Exhibition (London, Ontario)
2002 700 Gallery, (London, Ontario)
2001 Forest City Gallery, “Not Legal”, (London, Ontario)
2001 Definitely Superior, “Nasty Thoughts” (Thunderbay, Ontario)
2001 Edmonton Art Gallery, “Zine” (Edmonton, Ontario)
2000 Forest City Gallery, THE BOD SQUAD “More than a Handful” (London, Ontario)