Friday, March 30, 2012

Thank Goodness for London Timeraiser!

JIll Price, Treed: Playdate, 2011, 
For the last three months sales have been less than scarce to the point where I have actually been having dreams (nightmares) about waitressing again.  Many of my peers and myself have been sharing our frustration over the current art market and what people are choosing to buy.  These discussions often end in someone pulling at their hair and letting out a drawn out yell of some sort.  As I drove home today from picking up an art rental gig I had up in Collingwood, one which ended in no immediate sales I might add, my motivation to make new work took another hit despite me having four shows to work towards.  Then, just when I thought my day was a complete write-off,  I finally received notification from London's Timeraiser Event that my piece "Playdate" has been selected for this year's event to happen on  Thursday May 10th, 2012 at the London Arts Project.  I find it fascinating that just when I needed something or someone from the universe to confirm my efforts, it pleasantly appeared in my inbox.  I guess I will get back to work first thing tomorrow. Whew, one more month of studio rent looked after!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Workshop Series now ready at Jill Price Studios

Last year I met some amazing people down along the mews through our series of workshops in Printmaking and Collage.  As a request, I have designed some new workshops to help our creativity bloom this spring.  Please email me at for your registration form or any questions you may have.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Summer Handmade Market at Lakeshore Mews

As the warm weather begins to shine on us down along the mews, new ideas begin to grow.  Meaghan Armstrong, Barrie's one and only amazing Milliner, is beginning to work on setting up a Saturday handmade market for this summer.  Kind of a pilot project, there are talks of trying it out for one month during July or August.  If you make art, jewellery, soap, clothing, or any other cool functional or decorative item by hand then be sure to look for an upcoming call at our Lakeshore Mews blog. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art ce Soir Receives Funding from the City of Barrie Culture Grants

Well the 2nd annual Art ce Soir is now a go for Barrie's 2012 culture days.  Receiving $3000.00 in funding from the city, we already have a good start to raising money for artist hounourariums.  This year we will be doing a call for both food and art related vendors as well to expand the festival.  Planning to run the event from 4 til 4, we hope that we will be able to keep more numbers of people right until the end of the evening.  My biggest wish is that Quammie Williams will grace us with his amazing drum playing again as his group completely rocked the house at Awkward Stage.  Be looking for our call for submissions beginning the middle of April.