Saturday, March 24, 2012

Betty, Carol and Samantha Await.

Here's another little visual treat from my current show at Marlow Gallery in Barrie.  "Betty" is all mixed up as her arms are no longer strong enough to mix cookie dough!  What has happened to those firm upper arms of the 50's and 60's?  Oh yes, it was the invention of  the wonderful electric mixer that seduced us all with its shiny and sleek design.  Somehow it snuck into each of our cubboards to undermine our own physical abilities, leaving us to be slaves to its existence as we carefully release it from the confines of a dark shelf, assemble it, plug it in, lick the excess sweet recipes from it's appendages, wipe it clean, soak its private parts, dry it and then carefully rearrange its abode so we can find a neat and tidy spot for it to rest until we use it again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Spring E-Newsletter is now ready!

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Running into friends is always a blessing in disguise!

Today, while heading up to Bohemia for my typical afternoon java and hermit cookie, I bumped into Cath Adele and Lois Green.  Hugs and hellos soon turned into a mini rants about our practice and the lack of sales we've seen lately.  Lois and I, both rigourous and driven in our practice were able to take a note from Cath's more grounded approach.  She just kept saying, "Just make the work".  Although we heard her and admired her mature approach to the world of art, we couln't help but shake our heads out of sheer frustration over our own situations.  There was something comforting to know that other artists are experiencing the same struggle and that you are not alone in the fight to etch out a living for yourself while doing what you love.  As we all headed up to Marlow to see my new work, both commented on how free the work felt compared to my overly controlled landscapes.  I found this interesting as both bodies of work are photo based.  I attribute their observations to my new integration of drawing into the photograph, something I have been thinking about starting within my landscapes.  It is always great when you find your instincts being supported by others.  I think I will start my first Fabricated Landscape with drawing tomorrow. 

Spring has Sprung at the Studio

This week I have taken a break from production to do some spring cleaning around the studio.  With new shelves, fabric and changing out my flowers, it is beginning to feel light and airy in the studio.  Tomorrow I will finish cleaning out my back room to put a fresh coat of paint on the floor.  Stop by to say hello and check out new works on display by Blayne Collins, Lisa Brunetta and Meaghan Armstrong. Check out more pictures of the transition on my Facebook page.

Benefactor's Night an amazing Experience!

Last night I volunteered at Maclaren's annual Benefactor Night which allows members of the Maclaren to select one of many orginal artworks donated by artists.  The benefactors get to take home the work for a year to try it on with the option to buy the work at the end of their free rental.  Many artists were out last night to see their works excitedly fly off the wall.  People were actually screaming when their names were called in time to get their favourite pieces.  Both of my pieces went to good homes for the year and hopefully they won't come back! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fabricated Landscapes seen as Notable in Toronto

Well coverage of the Toronto Artist Project still filters in from different publications both off and online.  I received a little bit of recognition on the Notable blog as they showcased my piece called "Marsh "  in their second image.  I would've loved it if they could've shown my name at some point.  Oh well, I will take what I can get. 

Now back from a week in Nicaragua, I am right back to work composing new works for my group show Conveyed at the Mad and Noisy Gallery in Creemore, Ontario, as well as working on 3 new fabricated landscapes for Marlow Gallery in April.  We decided to switch out my show Process-ed after a month which will give Barrie and opportunity to see my series of local landscapes starting April 11th.