Saturday, April 21, 2012

Help fight the Mega Quarry!

Tonight in Honeywood,  Forest Floor, 2009 was sold to a lovely couple named Keddy and Eric from Singhampton, Ontario.  We talked a fair bit about their choices to live in the area and the thoughts behind my work.  The sale was one of many at "The View from Here" exhibition that continues tomorrow from 11 - 5 at the Honeywood community centre as part of the Artists Against the Mega Quarry movement.  There is nearly 100 pieces of art up for grabs which more often than not capture the beautiful landscapes that nourish both our bodies and souls.  Take a beautiful Sunday drive out into the country to support this amazing cause by supporting the artists who donate their time, energy, and sales to the cause.  To see more of this series of work you can visit my Global Landscape gallery or visit Marlow Gallery on Dunlop street where three pieces are currently on exhibit.

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