Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Always check your Junk Box!

Vacuum-ed, 2012
Last week and today I luckily checked my Junk Box just in case something ended up there that wasn't supposed to.  And there they were, emails from two galleries who I had never heard from before.  Today it was an interesting little operation up in Midland called the Claustro Gallery.  Run by Carol Currie and her husband, a world record holder, they have just finished having a show with Rod Prouse.  They seem to really have a great understanding of marketing and building clients for their artists, so I am really psyched to be showing my work with them in June.  Although this adds to my stress of getting shows ready for July, it really served in getting me to map out my whole year and production schedule.  It has also motivated me to finish some larger figurative pieces and perhaps even print a few more of my images on plexi.  The larger pieces will also   help me have a few more options to submit for the RBC painting competition deadline in May.  I guess "the busier the better" sometimes rings true.

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