Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Survived first day at OCAD!

Well it was a long day figuring out how to get down to the city and checking out all the studio facilities we can access at 100 McCaul.  So what did I learn? I learned that you turn left on Dundas when coming out of the ST.PATRICK subway station, watch out for the intricate and dangerous pattern of subway tracks, hold your nose while walking past manholes and be sure to get to the Downsview commuter parking early.. How did I feel? Absolutely terrified, but some familiar faces such as Annette, Alexander and the one and only Max Lupo made the day feel not so lonely or scary.  What was exciting? Meeting new people is always a blast and Paulette, the interm head of the program is a warm and generous delight.  We were led on an extensive tour of all the studios and materials we will have access to as well as met all the technicians who we will be running to for technical advice and perhaps rescue as the year proceeds.  Blunders for the day include taking a washroom break during the tour resulting in me being left behind and wearing inappropriate shoes for walking.  Now I know why urbanites are so skinny!  Tune in next week for a report on how our Orientation day goes.


  1. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your experiences. I entered 2nd year in the late nineties, made wonderful friends, learned much. I think you'll do well and the school will be richer for your participation.


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