Thursday, September 10, 2015

Coffee Hangout Found!

So today was a long one with me leaving the house at 6:00 am and riding the subway up at 11:15 pm only to drive another hour from Downsview station.  It has already become very evident that a coffee break will become part of my daily ritual to maintain the level of energy required for this program! Great news is that the OCAD cafeteria has the most aromatic coffee  I have found to date. 

Today also contained our first introduction to our theory and criticism class as well as our first Directed Studio session which requires us to pull together a group exhibition by next week!  I stuck to my rule and didn't take on any additional administration or curating, but rather stuck to menial tasks of organizing signage and helping with installation.  The show will be called trajectory to speak to the new paths we are all about to take within our practice. 

What will the weekend hold? Readings, artist statements, 500 word studio practice proposal, TA preparation, visit with my inlaws, curatorial talk at Quest Art and opening of Marlene Hilton Moore's exhibit in Midland, order of signage for exhibit, delivery of work for exhibit, contacting potential advisors and beginning new sketches to outline my plans for the new direction I would like to take so I can leave for Jamaica next week with no worries.  Oh yeah, eat and sleep should be in this somewhere.

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