Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tangle Reality almost ready for Detangling

Well it has been a long couple of weeks trying to work through the beginnings of a new body of work.  I am loving the stitching into photos I took last summer and can't wait to get back to Ocean City in June to take some more shots of beach goers and tourists.  I think this year I will ride the big ferris wheel on the pier to get some aerial shots of people at the fair and may even take some photos from the parking lot side of the condo.
So are these works commercial?  Doubt it!  Is there room for them to be. Absolutely.  I am already thinking of smaller pieces on raw canvas done with a staining technique that will be much more intimate than spansive and focus on a particular diposition  rather than a spansive beach of individuals.  Do I want to go bigger?  Absolutely! Working soft has been fun and will allow for me to get as large as I want with these babies.  Hubby Geoff was awesome in helping me set up a perfect hanging system for the work.  it is my hope that Magdolene and I can flog this show at other galleries, including public ones.  Am I done with landscapes?  No, although figures are present, these still remain landscapes in many ways.  You must come see the show for anymore questions you may have about the work!  

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