Friday, March 23, 2012

Running into friends is always a blessing in disguise!

Today, while heading up to Bohemia for my typical afternoon java and hermit cookie, I bumped into Cath Adele and Lois Green.  Hugs and hellos soon turned into a mini rants about our practice and the lack of sales we've seen lately.  Lois and I, both rigourous and driven in our practice were able to take a note from Cath's more grounded approach.  She just kept saying, "Just make the work".  Although we heard her and admired her mature approach to the world of art, we couln't help but shake our heads out of sheer frustration over our own situations.  There was something comforting to know that other artists are experiencing the same struggle and that you are not alone in the fight to etch out a living for yourself while doing what you love.  As we all headed up to Marlow to see my new work, both commented on how free the work felt compared to my overly controlled landscapes.  I found this interesting as both bodies of work are photo based.  I attribute their observations to my new integration of drawing into the photograph, something I have been thinking about starting within my landscapes.  It is always great when you find your instincts being supported by others.  I think I will start my first Fabricated Landscape with drawing tomorrow. 

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