Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off the Hook Art Auction at the Maclaren this Friday and I am missing it!

Installation Shot of Off the Hook art auction at Maclaren Art Gallery in Barrie
You know those times when you are not quite sure you want to go on vacation because you are going to miss one of the coolest events of the year?  Well, it would just so happen that my hubby booked us a lovely little jaunt to Cuba, which will be taking me out of town before the big show. 

Taking a sneak peek yesterday, there are definately a few beauties I would love to add to my collection.  Claudia Mandler McKnights newest work is a real stunner and Jeanette Luchese's print is delicious due to its mark making and luscious layers.  To read about the event, click the link below, and to receive 25% off any artwork in my studio during Lakeshore Mews' Holidandy event on December 8th, guess which work on the wall is mine.  No pressure.  :)

'Hooked' on gallery event | Column | Opinion | Barrie Examiner

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