Friday, October 05, 2012

Sand People Opens Tomorrow!

Thanksgiving weekend is always a good time to head north of the city and take in the golden fields and trees changing colours.  This month I have luckily landed a show in Craighurst, Ontario at the Woodside Gallery, which is perfect timing as everyone heads up to the Horseshoe Valley to take in the Images Studio Tour.  If you prefer summer over fall or winter, my new oil paintings capturing moments on the beach will warm your heart.  Inspired from my summer vacation in Ocean City, each day I would document the positive and negative space of people scattered on the sand from my 10th floor condo.  It wasn't until I zoomed in on the images did I realize that there were stories to be told for each subject.  A real people watcher on the slowest of days, I found it fascinating to examine each person's stance, stature, gaze and belongings to guess what might be going on in their lives.  Although not intentionally working as a voyeur, the zoom capabilities of my camera enabled me to look into people's lives from a very safe distance.  The writing in the sand works to reveal who I am as a person just as much as it helps to create the character in the work.   Come see the show and tell me what you might've assumed about these individuals and why so I can get to know my audience as well.

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