Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unwinding before the big event!

Art Gallery outside walls are better than the art inside!
This week I have been sipping on margaritas, riding the waves, reading books and occasionally carving away at some new lino cuts for my fabricated landscapes.  The art down along the Ocean City Boardwalk would make you cringe, but the beach / amusement park culture is more than inspiring, offering social commentary with every turn.  Often taking snapshots from our beachfront balcony, I am reminded of the wonderful aerial beach paintings being done by a Toronto artist.  The bright colours of bikinis, umbrellas and surf boards is wonderfully set off by the negative spaces of the white sands.   We have walked more than I would normally do in a whole
year and yet haven't found a half decent shell to speak of.  What we have found is everything you could think of deep fried.  Geoff, my honey indulged in a deep fried Twinkie today while I resisted deep fried Oreos.  What has been pleasantly surprising is the lack of stress I am feeling over the Toronto Outdoor Show scheduled in less than two weeks from now.  I have four paintings back at the studio I would like to finish in time for the show, but ultimately I have enough work to start 2 galleries so there is really no need for me to stress about getting these pieces done.  This being said, I really do want to have all of my lino cuts ready just in case.

Just some friendly reminders to check out the Lakeshore Mews Handmade Market this Saturday during Promenade Days and get your Art ce Soir applications into Alana at Awkward Stage.  Also be sure to mark July 28th on your calendar as the Paperdolls will be having their closing reception for Unbound up at Double Door Gallery in Anten Mills.

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