Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is anyone else tired?

I guess I have been delinquent the last few days with posting, but each day has been busier than the next and there doesn't really seem to be an end in sight.  Tomorrow I am heading to the Gibson Centre in Alliston, which I hear is a beautiful building, to help jury the South Simcoe Arts Council Arts on Main exhibit as well as select winners in the Gibson Centre Juried Show.  Although looking forward to the experience, this is one more day away from my studio and my deadline for my show at Claustro is fast approaching.  Then tomorrow night I head up to Wyevale for a celebratory dinner of the winners of different awards in a selection of photo clubs in the area.  Thursday also proves to be another fun filled day with a luncheon being thrown for members of the Pomona Mural Project at Frankie Ip's house.  Just returned from Paris, we are going to indulge in a Parisian picnic before I need to head back on up to the Maclaren for their Volunteer appreciation night.  As they will be serving ice cream I could hardly say no.  Friday morning I need to head back to Creemore to finish installing the new exhibit Unearthed at the Mad and Noisy in time for Saturday's opening, with hopes of having some time in my studio during the afternoon before going to see the Commodores at Casino Rama for my Dad's birthday.  Saturday....  I think you get the point.  So the big question is, when will I have time or energy to finish the work, never mind varnish it, document it and post it for the world to see? This is seems to be an ongoing problem for all artists.  How do we balance our work we do for survival and the work we want to do without either suffering.  Please feel free to share how some tricks you have for keeping balance in you life.  Sigh.....Oh yeah, be sure to get your Art Ce Soir applications for June 16th so you will included in all of the press materials!

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