Friday, May 04, 2012

Barrie's own Pauline Bradshaw heads to the Louvre!

When I first moved to Barrie I didn't know a soul.  Wanting to become part of the arts community as quickly as possible, I set out downtown to find a space that would have me immersed in Barrie's culture immediately.  Before any boxes at my house were even unpacked, I had rented myself a studio on Lakeshore Mews.  The space was being used by a local artist Pauline Bradshaw for her practice and teaching, but she was on the move to a building just across from the Maclaren, so my timing was perfect.  My first night renovating the studio space in walked Pauline and her husband Sandy to welcome me to the community.  Their camaraderie warmed my heart and I felt really good about my move to the city.  Since then Pauline has offered me a lot of sound advice, found me a job as the curator of the Mad and Noisy Gallery and has been an excellent sounding board for all that ails me in the art world.  The mental and physical support she has generously offered me over the last several months I am extremely grateful for.  The fact that she has been selected as one of the few artists to be featured in the Louvre is only fitting as not only is she a world class artist, but she has been a world class friend.  Congratulations Pauline, you deserve it. Click on the link to read more about Pauline and her upcoming show.  Ontario artists to be featured at Louvre | Ontario | Travel | Toronto Sun  To see some of her work in person, head to the Mad and Noisy Gallery this weekend to take in  a selection of her works in our current group show Momente.

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