Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An insane day of driving!

Rurbia: Corral, 2011, mixed media on canvas, 2800.00
Today I spent most of my day on the highway delivering art here, picking up art there, inspecting a mural up north and finally dropping off a painting back in my old stomping grounds of  London, Ontario.  Things could've been tortuous, but it seemed  the weather, traffic and even finding parking right out front all of my stops fell into place.   My most exciting moment today was meeting with Helen, one of the owners of XC Art Gallery on Mount Pleasant Rd.  Today was inspection day as she wanted to check out my work in person.  I was a little intimidated knowing that everyone who works at and owns the gallery has studied art restoration of some kind.  I knew that they would be curious about my techniques and the material soundness of the work. Til today they had only seen my work on line!  Unable to attend the Artist Project this year in person, she perused their website and stumbled across my work.  This is the perfect opportunity to emphasize how important it is to have strong documentation of your work!  Well it turned out she liked my work even better in person so she kept all four pieces that I brought down to show her.  Their charming space was filled with gorgeous work by some artists who I recognized including Sarah Martin and Lorie Skantos.  I look forward to working with this group of individuals as they seem very professional.  On that note, I need to sign off to send them jpegs and my CV before I go to bed.

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